Best Apps for College Students

***none of the apps mentioned in this post are sponsored. They are all simply personal opinions of mine!*** Sometimes I hate to admit it, but I will, I cannot live without my phone. I mean, if you were to tell me to give up my phone for a certain period of time I could do…


Facebook Page!!!

Hi Everyone!!! After spending some time researching marketing techniques and practices I have decided to create a facebook page where readers can interact with myself and one another, have another way to stay updated on posts, and possibly enjoy exclusive material! You can like Lavender and Lacey on Facebook Here!!!

How to Give Your Dorm a Farmhouse Style

If you know me you know there is no secret that I LOVE the farmhouse style. When I first got into the HGTV show Fixer Upper I wanted to instantly round up all the money I had and redo everything in a farmhouse style. The only problem was, I live in a small college campus…