Best ways to make money in college

**This post does contain affiliate links** We all know that cliche term "broke college student" and sometimes I want to roll my eyes at it. But if we're being honest, it's true, we're all broke if you think about it. While during college, your focus should be on your studies so that when it comes…


Tips for Professional Development In College

College is all about developing your skills and knowledge in four years. Sure, grades are important and your first employer more than likely will look at your GPA, but just as important are the professional skills and experiences you will gain. During college, you should take advantage of all the opportunities you can to grow…

Facebook Page!!!

Hi Everyone!!! After spending some time researching marketing techniques and practices I have decided to create a facebook page where readers can interact with myself and one another, have another way to stay updated on posts, and possibly enjoy exclusive material! You can like Lavender and Lacey on Facebook Here!!!