Best ways to make money in college

**This post does contain affiliate links**

We all know that cliche term “broke college student” and sometimes I want to roll my eyes at it. But if we’re being honest, it’s true, we’re all broke if you think about it. While during college, your focus should be on your studies so that when it comes time for graduation you can get a successful job, earning a little extra money along the way doesn’t hurt either. Here are some ways to earn a little extra money while in school.

  1. On-Campus Job: On-campus jobs are great to have to ensure that you have time for school work. Those who employee you normally understand that your studies come first, as they are also involved in those environments. I have two on-campus jobs right now and honestly, I love them. One of my jobs is working for the school’s programming board planning exciting events for the campus, which is something I love doing anyway. My second job is working as the student assistant for our academic success office. I also love this because has given me the chance to refine any skills I already had, learn new ones, and grow my resume.
  2. Direct Sales: If you’re over the age of 18 many direct sales companies can help you bring in a little extra moola. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “not one of those pyramid scheme girls” but just give it some research. I was someone who at first thought I would NEVER do this, well here I am now making a little extra money to help pay for things like groceries or gas. While it takes time to earn money with a company like the one I am a part of, having something a little extra does help. And one thing these companies never lie about is how great it is to set your own schedule with them.
  3. Babysitting: If you can snatch a job as a babysitter you’re in luck! Why? Because the money is great! I mean think about it, what parent wouldn’t pay to ensure that their child is safe, happy, and healthy? The hours might not be the easiest to work around your class schedule, but if it is something you can swing, go for it!
  4. Crafts: If you have a talent for making things that could sell, do it! Not only do you get the chance to relieve your stress by making something and doing what you enjoy, but you can make a little money off of it. Once you build up a collection, you could even take them to flea markets on the weekends and market your products.
  5. Tutoring: I know my school is lucky to have to opportunity to have a partnership with the local elementary school (which is right off campus). If you’re a college student, chances are you have the knowledge that other people are looking for. Check out your local counties websites or other job search sites and see if there is anybody or school that needs some extra tutors. Usually, these jobs can take place after normal school hours so it could work well with your schedule.

Trying to make a few extra bucks in college can seem daunting. Job searches aren’t fun and neither is working (but we’ll all have to do it eventually, am I right?). While in college your primary focus should stay on your academics, finding a few odd-end jobs such as these can help add some cushion to your bank account.


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