How to be Productive Without a To-do List

My personality type ends with a P, meaning perceiving. My lifestyle is very adaptable and adventurous rather than super structured and how I do things reflects that.

So many articles out there talk about how to be productive and 99% of the time this includes planning everything in advance and creating to-do lists. And even though I was taught in primary and secondary school to stay organized by writing ever thing down, doing this gives me just as much anxiety.

The truth is, you don’t have to have every second of your day planned out on a piece of paper to say you were productive at the end of it all. While to-do lists can help out a lot in certain situations, there are ways to have a productive day without using your calander or a notepad.

The best way to have a productive day is to start the night before. No, I’m not talking about writing down your next day’s to-do list, I’m talking about sleeping!

But Lacey, isn’t sleeping the opposite of being productive?! Okay, I get what you’re saying, but no. Getting yourself a full night of sleep will prepare your body and mind for the day ahead. If you wake up feeling groggy, you won’t want to jump into the day head first. Getting the appropriate amount of sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer anything that comes your way.

The next biggest thing to do in order to be productive is to have goals. Here’s where it’s great to write things down. Now I don’t mean goals like “finish this paper today” but rather big picture goals. Short term goals are great from time to time and can be needed in order to grow, but I feel like your big picture goals are the ones that keep you moving forward.

No matter how many times I tell myself I want to save money I’m going to cave when I see that cute top I know I don’t need. However, when I remind myself WHY I want to save money, like getting my first big girl apartment in less than a year, I’m more likely to work towards that big picture.

There are many ways you can reach your goals. Life throws curve balls at us and how we reach these goals change constantly. But by having these big end goals in mind or even displayed somewhere, you can remind yourself what you’re really working toward and get here however you need to.

Finally, my last tip is the easiest of all. Just get up and do.

We can spend our entire lives planning what we want to do and where we want to go, but none of that matters if we don’t go!

If you don’t take anything else away from me, please remember this, you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t move.

Take this blog for example. I’m still new and have so far to go, but I quickly learned the best way to grow is to get hands on with it. There were days when I’d spend hours reading what other bloggers have to say and writing down what to do next, but none of that compared to just doing it!

The same can be applied to your days. This may just be the perceiving personality type in me speaking, but nothing beats planning like doing.

If you want to have a productive day then just do it! What you do doesn’t have to change the world. Your productive day could be as simple as going grocery shopping, but the fact is that you did it!

No more do you need a to-do list in order to have a productive day. I still write to-do lists for things like my school work, but it’s not a necessity.

Life throws curve balls at us and we have to learn to roll with the punches. Sometimes our to-do lists fall apart, but that doesn’t mean our end goals have to change. As long as we have the drive to get up and go, we can have productive days!


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