Lessons I’ve Learned from Joanna and Chip Gaines

Currently, I’m reading Chip and  Jo’s book: The Magnolia Story. A little late to the party, am I right?  I started out the book and even got halfway through it thinking this is such a cute story, but now, I’m realizing that there is so much more to their story than something cute to admire. What they write about is a true inspiration, even if it is just their life story.

I’ve always looked up to their loving relationship and Joanna’s amazing decorating style, but after sitting down and reading more about their lives, I realized that there is another reason to look up to the two: they give some pretty awesome life lessons.

Never stay mad at someone for too long

I’ve always picked up on the fact that Chip was this goofy, carefree, maybe even occasionally irresponsible person and I’ve always thought Joanna just lets it roll off her shoulder. But that’s also considering that they’re being recorded for national television.

Reading their book, you get a look at all the times Jo has been incredibly angry at Chip for things he’s done, like buying a beat-up houseboat to live in. But that’s just the thing – Jo get’s angry, but never stays angry. It might just be in her nature to forgive people, but more importantly, she realizes how important it is to forgive and grow with those around you.

Life is a mess, but that’s what makes it beautiful

The picturesque HGTV couple makes life and what they do look so easy, but don’t be fooled. They’ve had their turn living in a mess and working through situations trying to figure out life.

Chip and  Joanna moved around frequently when they were a young married couple, and Joanna said everytime it would make her cry thinking that it was too much. But, the thing is, she always looked at the positive sides of it.

Life’s a mess, and that’s okay. It’s okay to do some crazy things. It’s okay to live in some crazy places while you’re figuring out what you’re passionate about and how you work as a team. That’s what makes the mess so beautiful. Just like with renovating houses, you can’t have a beautiful open floor plan if you don’t make a mess tearing down some walls on demo day while channeling your inner Chip.

Never be afraid to take risks, especially when you’re young

I think this is a reoccurring theme in the book and this post. I guess I just like to think like the Gaines family. As young people, we’re constantly reminded that we’re going to need to settle down in life and be practical, find a good paying job, a normal home, all that growing up stuff. But that’s just the thing, how do we truly know what we want until we explore!

For about a month now, my boyfriend has been trying to convince me that we should buy a houseboat one day and live in it (sound familiar?) The crazy thing is he didn’t even know that’s how Chip and Joanna got started! At first, I thought he was out of his mind and kept telling him no! But finally, I sat down and thought about it, ‘yeah, it’s crazy, but Lacey, think about all the amazing memories and adventures that would go along’. Now, will we actually buy a houseboat one day? Who knows. But now I’m open to the idea because I think to myself “I’m young. I need to be adventurous and learn who I am and what I want.”

Let passion guide your life

Just like in the world of blogging, you have to be passionate about what you do.  I mean, what kind of life would it be if you never got to do anything you loved. Sure, we need to be reasonable in regards to our abilities, but we can’t go through life saying no to something we’ve always wanted just because we’re afraid.

When Joanna first opened up her little store, she said she had no idea what she was doing, but it’s something she loved to do, so she jumped right in and tried it. If we don’t let our passions guide our decisions, we may miss out on amazing opportunities. What if Joanna never listened to Chip and opened up that little home store? We probably wouldn’t have 5 seasons of watching this sweet couple make homes look beautiful.

Be open to change

Your life isn’t always going to go as you planned it. I mean mine hasn’t. And change isn’t easy for anyone, but that’s okay! Being open to change means you get the chance to have new adventures in life! Once again I can use Joanna as an example here: she grew up a certain way but when she met Chip, everything changed. He was the complete opposite of her but, at the same time, he was still very similar to her. Chip came in and flipped her life upside down and she doesn’t regret anything one bit.

Be open to the change that happens in your life. God directs us through seasons of our lives for a reason. What we are like or what we are doing right now may not be who we are or where we go in 10 years or even this time next year.

If you want something, work hard for it

Chip puts on this character of being a goofball, and I mean, he is, but there are so many other sides of Chip you learn about throughout this book, like his work ethic. Many people believe in working hard in life just to get ahead, but that’s what I find to be different about Chip. Sure, he wants to make money doing something, I mean, that’s life, but hard-work for him means so much more. If you ever get a chance to read this book or already have, I really recommend looking harder at the part where he talks about living every day like it’s Saturday.

If you want something in life, you’ll be willing to work hard for it. That’s just a lesson I’ve learned throughout my whole life and through my family. I look at my grandma and see this woman who has gone through so much in her life and knows what she wants and she goes for it. I see the same thing in Chip through this book and honestly, it inspires a new work ethic in me that I didn’t know was that strong.

I love picking up a good inspirational book that lets me take a better look at my life and myself. However, when I picked up this book, I didn’t expect for this to be that book. I really picked it up just because I love the show and the designs they create and thought it would be a fun read. Little did I know I’d be taking life lessons away from this couple and learning from them. Maybe you can to!


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