Best Apps for College Students

***none of the apps mentioned in this post are sponsored. They are all simply personal opinions of mine!***

Sometimes I hate to admit it, but I will, I cannot live without my phone. I mean, if you were to tell me to give up my phone for a certain period of time I could do it, but reality is, I use my phone for just about everything. Over the years classrooms have introduced the  use of technology to aid in student learning, and because of this, we have become very dependent on technology. But this doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing.

Technology can be used to help you succeed both inside and outside the classroom. The use of Apps on your phone can help you in a variety of ways such as keeping you organized or having a place to store notes!

Here I am going to share with you the best apps that college students should use to keep their life on track and their GPA high!

Google Calendar

Everyone I know uses Google Calendar, and at first I wasn’t too crazy about it. Well, it wasn’t that I wasn’t too crazy about it, but rather I didn’t feel like it was anything that would be beneficial. Boy, was I wrong. Don’t get me wrong I love my planner and write everything down in it, but my Google Calendar  has changed my life!

Being involved in so many different organizations and having a couple of jobs, other people are able to share their calendar with me so that I can see every little thing that is going on. Some might think that this is overwhemling, and at first, it was for me, but learning what to have on there and what to hide helped with that. Now I love knowing that I have the knowledge of what’s going on with multiple people, that way when I’m planning something, everything can go into consideration.


Many nights I really don’t want to sit down and do my homework. Okay. Almost every night I don’t want to sit down and do my homework. But with the BeFocused app, I am able to time myself and how much work I get done.

This app allows you to set a timer for how much work you’ll do and then allows you to take breaks. For example, I do some work for 25 minutes at a time and then a 5-minute break. After one round of time, I’m able to take a longer break. There’s also a feature that lets you put in each of your assignments so you can make sure you’re giving enough attention to all of your work.


The tried and true Quizlet. I am a lover of Quizlet, I mean who doesn’t. However, I DO NOT suggest just trusting every answer you see on Quizlet. One, if you don’t do the research yourself you’ll never truly learn, and two, those answers might not always be right (take it from me who thought I got an A on a quiz after studying someone’s Quizlet and it turns out they had incorrect answers and I barely made a B).

Quizlet is however great for creating your own study sets and testing yourself. Not only is there the flashcard features that we all probably know, but there are other ways to test yourself on there. I like having the app on my phone so that I can quiz myself anytime to make sure I really have that information engraved into my brain.


UniDAYS is great for that poor college student. With this app, students can get exclusive student discounts on so many items and brands. And I mean, who doesn’t love a discount!


Mint is a great app to help you budget your money. As those poor college students, it’s important to start learning financial responsibility now. One, so that you can save your money for things you’ll need, but also two so that when you graduate you can have some cushion to fall back on. Creating a budge with Mint can really help you keep a little extra cash in your pocket.


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