How to Give Your Dorm a Farmhouse Style

If you know me you know there is no secret that I LOVE the farmhouse style. When I first got into the HGTV show Fixer Upper I wanted to instantly round up all the money I had and redo everything in a farmhouse style. The only problem was, I live in a small college campus apartment.

With there not being much room going all out with decorating can be difficult. While I am in an apartment, my actual bedroom is only about the size of what my side of a dorm room would be. Over the years I have been able to collect things and give my room a bit of farmhouse flair that makes me excited to relax in my bedroom every night!


In my opinion, the farmhouse style is all about having neutral colors everywhere which just a few pops of color. In my room, my bedding is white with some navy accent pillows to break up some of the white.


Anywhere you can add wood and metal accents. Many of my signs have a wood or metal back to them. Hobby Lobby has tons of signs that are super cheap, or you can make your own just like I did in this post here!



I think a few plants such as succulents helps to add some outdoor vibes to your room. Being on a college campus it’s not possible to have the garden that I would love to have one day, but with the flew pants I have, I have the ability to bring the garden to my window sill.


While I said once before that I believe neutral colors help bring together the farmhouse style, I also am a big fan of having some patterns around. Some of the most popular ones are buffalo check, stripes, and even some chevron!


When my boyfriend and I first started dating we picked up a new hobby together, antique shopping. Together we have found so many treasures to display in the apartment! We have amazing finds between lanterns, dried lavender, and even an old water jug coal miners used! I love how our special finds look around the place. Not only are they a reminder of the things we have found together, but they go perfectly with the style!


My freshman year of college I had all kinds of canvases and prints hanging around the room. While I did love them, the various items made my room feel cluttered and very unorganized. Having a color scheme to go along with and matching decor helps the room feel cozy and clean.


The defining characteristic of the farmhouse style, in my opinion, is the clean look it gives. Having only the essentials helps keep the room decluttered and cozy. Not only does a decluttered room make your life easier, it does give that farmhouse theme.


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