College School Supply List

Office supplies are always one of my guilty pleasure purchases. When I’m at a store and see an adorable notebook or the prettiest pen colors I can’t resist, I just HAVE to pick them up! Back to school shopping is always my favorite season, I mean all those isles of different folders packs of paper?! How can you not love it?!

Shopping for supplies in primary school was always straightforward. Up until high school, I was given a list of what to get. In college, that’s not the case, and that’s what’s fun! I have free range on what notebooks and highlighters I decide to stack up on! However, the thing about college is that there aren’t as many “supplies” that are needed. Rather than buying the expensive notebooks with the cute print on it, I now have to buy expensive textbooks!

Here’s my list of what school supplies I have found best for college!

1. Folders

Instead of carrying around bulky binders all day I like the slimness of folders! This way everything stays organized in one place but is compact and easy to carry.

2. 1 binder

I do like to have one binder I keep in my room for any important papers I want to keep. Here is where I’ll put things such as my syllabi, grades assignments, and study guides. This is nice when it comes to finals, now everything is in one spot!

3. Pens, highlighters, pencils

Obviously, you need your utensils to write with. For pens, I suggest a few various colors to color code notes and make them easier to follow along with. Always carry a few pencils with you because you never know when a professor may give out a test or quiz you’ll have a scantron for!


4. Your college’s test book

I know my school at least has a standardized test book we have to buy from the bookstore. Not ever professor requires these, but it’s always nice to have a couple on hand just in case you forget to pick some up before your class!

5. Laptop

In big lectures, professors can fly through the material! If your professor says you can use your laptop I suggest doing so. It’ll help you keep up with notes and it’s easier to erase something then marking through it on your paper. Just make sure to not get distracted.

6. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are great for marking in your textbooks when you don’t want to highlight all in it. They also work as great to-do lists or reminders to yourself.

7. A planner

Okay, this is THE most important thing I can think of. Chances are you’ll have 6-8 classes a semester all with due dates all over the place. It’s important to have a good planner where you can write down all your assignments and club meetings so that you never lose track of anything!


8. Stapler

I have had professors before who are picky about their papers. And by picky I mean they won’t grade a paper if it isn’t stapled. I like having a mini one in my book bag just in case I finish up my assignment a little last minute.😉

9. Notebooks

Instead of having one notebook per class I like to get either 3-5 subject ones. That way I can just have one notebook per day. If I have 4 classes on Monday and Wednesday I just have to carry around one book instead of two!

With these supplies, you’ll be set to conquer your semester! And the great thing is you can get all of these fairly cheap (other than the laptop obviously) at a dollar store!

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