A Letter to my Freshman Self

Dear Freshman me,

College is scary, I get it. There’s so much that you’re told you have to do and figure out in the next four years, but don’t be hard on yourself. Before you know it, senior year will be here and you’ll be thinking ‘where has the time gone’ or ‘what’s next’. Life is going by so fast, but it’s also just the beginning.

There are so many things I wish you knew right now. So many words of advice I wish I could give you to ease your mind and mend your heart, but I can’t and that in of itself is wonderful. You have learned so many lessons and come so far. You did that on your own and you should be so proud of yourself when you look back at college later down the road.

Dear freshman me, if I could give you any piece of advice here’s what it would be:

Say Yes

Say yes to those spontaneous late night trips to IHop with your friends, those are memories that can last for a lifetime. Say yes to helping out with that event or project, you never know where you’ll find your passion. Say yes to that job position, this one is self-explanatory, but say yes to making yourself a better person, both professionally and personally.

It’s okay to not know

It’s okay to not know what career you want right away, or even what to major in. So many people graduate not knowing the direction they’re headed in and so many more people end up switching careers anyway! If in three years you don’t have it all figured out, which trust me, you won’t, don’t freak out. Just take a deep breath and do your best.

Follow your Heart

In everything you do, follow your heart. Pursue that degree you want no matter what others say about your job prospects. Stay true to yourself around others and never change for someone else. Years down the road you’re going to be happy that you listened to yourself and not others. Regrets are okay, that’s how you learn, but never do anything that isn’t you.

Save your money!!!

You’re already a “broke college student.” Save your money so that in 4 years when you graduate, you’re not a broke girl with no job! Having an extra cushion is going to come in handy when you’re trying to figure out what you want to do or are in between jobs. Also, if you have a little saved back, maybe that student loan bill won’t be as scary (I made myself laugh with this one).

Not everyone whose your friend will stay your friend

You’ll start college meeting a ton of new people, and not every one of those people may remain your friend. That’s okay. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person or have done anything wrong, it just means that not everyone you meet will click with you the way you initially think they will. Use those passing relationships as a learning experience about who you really want to spend your time with and who you are as a person.

Some people will be your best friends forever

Just like everyone won’t stay your friend, others will become your friend for life. Remain open to new friendships, you never know, that girl you have a few passing words with may become a new best friend!

Soak up the moments

It’ll all be over before you know it.



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