How to Get and Maintain a Good GPA in College

There’s no doubt about it, college is nothing like your primary education. Those students who used to get away with not studying are now struggling to find their study method and I hate to say it, but those students who excelled in high school (like me) are now mediocre compared to a lot of other students. However, one of the most beneficial things you can do as a student is investing in your GPA.

Everyone always says your GPA doesn’t define you and that’s true, to an extent. I am a strong believer that networking, extra-curricular leadership, and other transferable skills are what is going to help you out in the long run; however, you can’t get there if your grades are tanked. Now, don’t be discouraged if you have a class you’re not doing to hot in, I have had my share of C’s and it all works out.

But without further ado, here are my tips for getting your GPA up and keeping it there!


Most importantly you need to go to class. Many professors teach more then what’s just in the book and sometimes they add in their own things, some of which may appear on the test! If you go to a smaller school in particular, like I do, there is also an attendance policy that can impact your grade. Without going to class you can’t expect to pull out with a great grade.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. More than likely your professor will want to watch you succeed and will be more than willing to help you out. If you don’t want to ask a professor you can always book a tutoring appointment. Many universities offer free tutoring appointments for students and all tutors are qualified to help with the subject area.


Most people say to review your notes after class or that night; however, I like to review my notes the next day. Sometimes you just need a break from a certain subject area, especially if it’s your major. I mean who would want to read more notes on the French Revolution when they’ve sat in Modern European history, African-American history, and Modern Middle Eastern history all day?! My advice, review your nights the next day. This way you have time to let things sit in and you’re not overwhelming yourself. Also, if your class is every other day reviewing the day before class can help spark your memory.


As you go through the chapter in class go ahead and compile it into a study guide. This way when it comes time to study for the test you already have everything you need in one place. When you are making your study guide, don’t skimp on the information. I am known for having crazy long study guides, but in the end, it’s been worth it! Would you rather have too much information or too little?!


This is my little study secret. When I review my study guides I like to act as though I am teaching someone the subject, or even better, I actually do teach someone it! I’m so grateful for my boyfriend who has stayed up some late nights with me testing me on my study guide and making sure I know everything. If you are able to teach someone else the subject, you’ll be able to write it out on a test much easier!


Learn and use your resources around campus! Every college has a student success office, though the name may vary. Recently I began to work as an assistant for the staff in the student success office and from that, I have learned that they can do so much more than students think! If you have trouble organizing your planner or making a study schedule, there is usually a staff member who can help you with your skills. Your school along with your professors want you to succeed so use their help to help you succeed!


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