Fall Floral Arrangement

I know, I know, it’s only the middle of July, but I’m so excited for fall! Today I took a trip to the Dollar Tree to see what they had for fall so far and there are already a few good things out!

I do just want to say in advance that while I did buy some fall decor today it is NOT up yet! I knew that if I didn’t jump on some of the items I found, they would be gone by the time I went back. For now though, my few fall decor pieces I have so far are stores away in my closet.

I have this empty shelf on my book case that I have no idea what to do with and finally I realized a floral arrangement would be perfect here! Maybe I should have started with a neutral one so that it could be up now, but I couldn’t help myself with the fall colors! And come September, this arrangement will be proudly displayed!

The best this about this entire piece is that it cost me under $15!!! All the pieces I got were from Dollar Tree!

The container pictures was already this metallic brownish color but I took some brown paint on a sponge brush to kind of distress it, which I know is a little difficult to see from the picture. After that I just put two floral styrofoam pieces in and stuck each stem in! My trick is to cut off each small stem from where it is attached all together, that way you can really arrange it how you want.

Stay tuned for a neutral one that I can keep up in the “off-seasons” or maybe a Christmas one in a few months! I’m too excited to get this up in a month and a half!!


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