Things NOT to Forget When Packing for College


Packing for your first year of college can be a whirlwind of emotions! While you’re excited about what the next four years are going to hold for you, you’re also nervous about the big change that is about to come. No matter who you are though, the biggest thing on your mind is making sure you have everything you need for move-in day!

After moving back to college for the fourth time, it’s safe to say that I still forget things that I need or learn of something new that would be handy! Some of these things may be often overlooked, so I’m here to share what I have learned to be important things not to forget when moving into your dorm!


Now, this isn’t something that I forgot, but something I couldn’t live without! It’s important to always stay hydrated and having a reusable water bottle is very helpful with this. Plus, its a lot cheaper than buying plastic ones all the time.


You would be surprised by how much dirt can get tracked into a dorm room by just two people. I bought a Bissel Vacuum before I moved in Freshman year and I still use it.


Germs spread like wild-fire in college. It’s almost like starting Kindergarten all over all where you’re exposed to tons of new germs. Having Clorox wipes and wiping down surfaces once a week or so is great for not only keeping things spic and span but also keeping you healthy. Freshman year I didn’t really do this and got sick a few times, but once I started cleaning better I found the number of times I got sick went down drastically.


I didn’t think about an extension cord when I moved in and had to go out that night and get one. Reason being, the way our room was arranged had the outlet on the other side of my bed. Make sure to get a grounded cord because some colleges see ones that aren’t as a fire hazard.


So this is probably something you’ve already been told to get if you haven’t already, but I just want to share my story about this. I’ve had surge protectors every year of college but it wasn’t until my Junior year it would’ve come in handy. One night my roommate and I were both using our blow dryers (not plugged into the surge protectors) and our power went out!! Mind you it was like 10pm on a Saturday, so that was fun.


If you’re cold natured like me extra blankets are great! My favorite ones are the tied fleece blankets, they’re surprisingly very warm!


I’m a crazy clumsy person, I think last year I cut my finger maybe 3 times trying to cut food, ironically enough all 3 times it was a potato. First Aid kits have come in handy for me for sure!


You’re going to be studying for hours straight, you’re going to be sharing a room with at least one other person, you’re going to be out and about, you’re going to get a headache! Having Advil around or any other comparable medication is beneficial.

There are so many things to remember when packing for college and I’m sure you’re working on your long list of items, hopefully, this list helped you remember a few things that you might have forgotten.


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