My College Cleaning Routine


***This post contains links based on my personal recommendations. These are just the products I love. None of the companies are sponsoring me in any way nor do I make any commission off of the links***

I’m borderline a clean freak. Right now I’m not at the point where I clean the same thing every day, but I do make it a point to keep my apartment clean. Not only does it look better and do I feel more refreshed when everything is tidy and dusted off, but I also feel healthier!

Healthier? Yes, healthier! Multiple studies have shown that a clean and decluttered home helps people feel more mentally and emotionally relaxed and those individuals have shown a reduced sign of depression and anxiety. Not to mention, a clean, disinfected home obviously helps keep germs at bay and your immune system strong!

I wasn’t always into cleaning. Of course, I was that child that moaned and groaned when she was told to clean her room or help with dishes, but now I love to clean. For me, there are few things that are more relaxing than vacuuming the carpet and having a crisp outcome. Now that I love to clean and feel like I have the basics of it down pat getting my space clean makes me feel like a successful 50’s Housewife (a controversial image for some, but pretty powerful in my mind). Establishing a set cleaning routine is the easiest way to keep your home, apartment or even dorm clean without all the hassle.



  • Make my bed
  • Load Dishwasher
  • Spray down shower– I love the Method Daily Shower Cleaner in the scent ‘Eucalyptus Mint’. By using this every day after I shower it keeps me from having to deep clean my shower regularly by fighting soap scum and other residues on the daily, plus it smells AMAZZZZING!!
  • Tidy up every room and make sure everything’s in its place
  • Wipe down kitchen counters– For this, I love the Seventh Generation All Purpose Spray Cleaner. Seriously guys, at home we have white countertops and this spray whitens them like bleach would, but it’s all natural and safe around food, children, and your fur babies!


  • Sweep and Vacuum floors
  • Wipe down all the sinks


  • Wipe down coffee tables, desks, dining tables, dressers, and doorknobs– You didn’t think about the doorknob, did you? Yeah, grabbing that thing multiple times a day gives a place for germs to manifest! My favorite cleaner for large surfaces is the Method All-Purpose Cleaner in the scent ‘Pink Grapefruit’.  Not only is it all natural, but the smells are so much better than heavy chemical based cleaners!
  • Clean toilets– Okay, so this is something new I learned and it made me start cleaning our toilet once a week whereas before I only cleaned it really as it was needed but, dirty toilets can actually cause Urinary Tract Infections and Yeast Infections, even if it’s dirty in the bowl and not just the seat!
  • Throw out junk mail/ papers


  • Wash and replace sheets--Regularly rotating your sheets and pillowcases helps keep your skin clean throughout the night.
  • Wash your comforter
  • Wipe down mirrors


  • Clean out the fridge– I usually try to stay pretty good about not letting expired food sit in the fridge, but just to be safe, once a month or so I like to go through and double check on products, especially ones we may not use as often.
  • Declutter– It’s so refreshing to go through once a month and declutter everything, papers I don’t need, clothes I don’t wear, don’t fit, or are too worn, expired beauty products, etc.


  • Run dishwasher–for us it needs to run about every 2-3 days, mostly we are very minimal in our kitchenware.
  • Laundry– for me this is about once a week, it probably wouldn’t be as often, but I’m totally the girl who has a decent wardrobe but only wears the same 5 things.
  • Take out the trash.


Cleaning is so important to me because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, both immune system-wise, but also mentally and emotionally. With this set routine, cleaning has become a breeze and more of a therapeutic activity rather than a chore. Naturally though, I might not do all of these things when I’m supposed to if something needs to be done, it needs to be done, but generally, this is a good, basic calendar to follow!


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